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SCHOol assemblies

Messages of hope

Dr. Dave lights up school assemblies with messages of hope and happiness. His message and story of a good friend's attempt at dying by suicide is both moving and memorable. Key message? #ThrowKindness not cake!

His "Twinkie Kindness" challenge and "text 2 before 10" initiative will transform students' thoughts and actions. He loves working with HOPE Squads at high schools to tailor an inspiring assembly. Contact Dr. Dave to explore school assembly options.

Hear for yourself


friends of dr. Dave

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“Dr. Dave is packed with powerful messages that all high school students (and their parents) need to hear.  Dr. Dave has an ease about him that touches both teenagers and adults so they want to hear and understand his message. Plus, this professor is super personable and I couldn’t recommend him more highly for assemblies, training for teachers and staff, and science-backed messages for parents.”


- Steven Carlsen


Box Elder School District

"He is conversational, funny and inspiring in all instances. We have students who still talk about his presentation and their desire to do the work he does. I am always enlightened with his new material and find his presentations fresh and interactive."


- Bonnie Young

Box Elder School District

"Had me hooked from the very beginning. Very relevant information for my position as a school counselor."

"What an incredible and engaging speaker! We loved having Dr. Dave come for an assembly at our school!"

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