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Dr. Dave is leading the way in an exciting and  groundbreaking area of happiness and productivity by bridging the gap between family science and business. 

The science is simple - when the 3 human needs (safety, satisfaction, connection) are met we are more likely to thrive individually and in families. Dr. Dave's new research discoveries show the same holds true in the workplace. When employers invest in helping meet their employees' three needs consistently, everyone wins.

Known for his dynamite lunch and learns, Dr. Dave shares science-backed tips to help employees flourish personally, which increases all other work outcomes.

What is the number one thing your employees would miss if they were to die tomorrow? Dr. Dave surveyed more than 1,800 people across the United States. Here’s a hint. It’s not work. Not even close. It’s relationships and family! And Dr. Dave is the only family scholar who is merging cutting-edge findings from family science with business principles and practices—and the outcomes are incredible.


Dr. Dave shares simple, yet proven strategies to help you and your employees flourish first personally and in family relationships. As a result, employers see remarkable improvements in productivity, creativity, engagement and in every other measurable outcome. 

The overarching principle is this: When employees are struggling personally, in their couple relationships, and/or as parents, the stress, struggles, and negativity spills over into their work performance. Period. Top workplaces invest in their employees’ personal well-being and care about what their employees care about most: their families.

Topic options for 1-hour “Lunch and Learns” include:

10 Happy Hacks for Flourishing – Dr. Dave shares his “positivity pyramid”, surprising and humorous research findings, and 10 simple science-backed strategies for boosting happiness and productivity at home and at work (bookmarks included).

Tips for Tackling Technology Challenges at Home – Chances are many of your employees battle the pull and power of technology and it’s creating “Technoference” at home (technology interfering with human relationships) and at work. Discover how K-TOOB and K-TOOT can create more connection in families. Dr. Dave shares proven tips and strategies to help parents and couples both strengthen personal connections and manage digital distractions. 


Nailing the 3 Needs at Work – Humans flourish when their 3 needs of safety, satisfaction, and connection are met. The top workplaces in the nation focus on meeting and exceeding these same needs at work. Practical principles with concrete strategies will be shared.


Creating a Family Culture at Work – After reviewing the top 263 places to work in the U.S., Dr. Dave shares his findings about why booming businesses prioritize treating employees like family. More than 40 simple hacks in creating a family culture at work will be shared. 


Parenting ABCs for Stress-Free Employees – Numerous employees report that parenting stress is at the top of their list of stressors. Dr. Dave has shared solid research-based parenting principles with thousands of parents and it works. Reduce your employees’ parenting stress during an hour lunch, regardless of their children’s ages.


Adding Cups of Connection to Relationship Pools – Marriage and romantic relationships bring the most joy and the most sorrow for individuals. Dr. Dave’s own research from more than 2,000 couples shows 10 proven strategies to strengthen couples’ relationship by adding “cups of connection” to their relationship pool. When employees are happy in their relationships at home, they are much more productive at work.

Lunch and Learns

Lunch and learns


“Simply WOW! Dr. Dave’s presentation on improving the workplace through simply happy hacks was just what we needed. I loved the emphasis on kindness, gratitude, and positivity. Here at Malouf we are big believers that a happy, healthy employee is one of the best business models a company can invest in. Thanks for sharing your research and wisdom!!”


Brian Blotter

HR Manager at Malouf

“Dr. Dave’s happy hacks he shared at our lunch n’ learn was precisely what our company needed. His energy and passion coupled with his research and knowledge make for an amazing combination.  We all walked away grateful for the time he spent teaching us about happiness, positivity, and creating a family culture at work.”


Shane Peery

Managing Director at Cherokee &Walker

Business Consulting

Dr. Dave works closely with leaders and managers to help improve work culture. If you are ready to take things to the next level and dig in to learn why family science is the secret sauce to booming business, Dr. Dave would love to share what he has learned to help you, your employees, and your business flourish.


From his own research, Dr. Dave has identified 4 types of workplaces: languishing, surviving, accomplishing and flourishing, and they depend on employees’ perceptions of how well their 3 needs are being met. Learn about the art and science of Flourish 3-60, the law of little things and the law of least effort, the “positivity pyramid”, the super powers of happy hacks, why booming businesses use family messages on billboards, 40 practices for improving work culture, and more.


Dr. Dave has invested countless hours studying the cultures of the top 263 workplaces in the United States. He has interviewed leaders and toured several of these businesses. He has analyzed the most frequently-used words in descriptions of why the best workplaces say they are topnotch and discovered the top 15 words they use align precisely with the 3 essential needs of human beings. Ready to learn more about what he discovered? Let’s talk.

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Business Consulting

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